About Us

At Dodick Landau, our mission is to provide quality advice based on our years of experience and relentless effort to keep current with trends in the debt solutions industry. At your first consultation, we will provide you with the advice you need to fix your overwhelming debt problem and show you that you can gain back control of your financial life. We have the experience and the expertise which you will benefit from, usually after the first FREE appointment. Accurate information Another one of our main goals is to give you the right answers based on your situation’s needs, and to ensure any information you ‎have already is correct- this allows you to make a better and more informed decision about how to fix your problem and better understand why you may have heard something that does not apply to you. This allows you to feel less stressed and to make a more informed decision without fear that you will “lose everything” something we hear all the time Accessibility You will find that our representatives are very accessible, conveniently located to see you anywhere within or near the Greater Toronto Area, in a discreet and personal setting, and, if needed, on evenings and weekends. Off hour appointments allow you to avoid disrupting the daily flow of your work and family obligations, which is important to keep up with in the middle of facing an overwhelming debt problem‎. Click or call for the first step to gaining financial control.

Meet The Team

Howard Landau

Howard Landau, CIRP (Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Practitioner), LIT ( Licensed Insolvency Trustee), MBA (Schulich – York University- 1989), BA McGill University (1986), specializes in consumer insolvency work.

Howard has been a licensed trustee since 1996, which he obtained after spending five years with the Office of the Superintendent in Bankruptcy, the federal regulator of the bankruptcy and insolvency process.

Before becoming the co-founder of the consumer debt solution practice of Dodick Landau in June 2014, Howard spent twelve years as a trustee including seven years  as a partner at Killen Landau & Associates Ltd. where his primary focus was consumer debtor work in both Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area.

Howard considers himself an expert in dealing with personal income tax debt and other CRA debt that individuals are faced with. He has also spent considerable time in Bankruptcy Court dealing with matters involving CRA, and other major lenders.  He has done numerous seminars both in person and online for different industry groups including mortgage brokers, paralegals and tax accountants.

Howard meets regularly with debtors seeking relief from debt and offers them the best advice needed to solve their debt problems.

“I’ve met with literally thousands of debtors over the years,” Howard notes, “and I have always enjoyed comparing the look on our customers’ faces when they first come to see us, with the absolutely-relieved look they have after hearing what they needed to hear from us to solve their debt problems”.

In addition to being a debt solution expert, Howard is a proud husband and father of two young children, and spends as much time as he can with his family when not playing hockey, reading French books or playing guitar, his other passions in life.