Hydro Costs & How They Can Affect You

A New plan to cut hydro costs was released by Premier Kathleen Wynne on March 2, 2017. The plan to cut hydro costs is introduced to help decrease electricity bill amounts for Ontario residents. Even though this seems like great news, how much does the plan actually benefit us? The original goal is to cut…

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Canada’s Potential For A Living Wage

Headlines are covering a common trend called, “Living Wage.” You might be asking yourself, what kind of wage is this? A living wage can help workers earn an income that can meet basic needs and allow them to participate in their communities. This type of income is based on the amount you earn in correlation with…

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Canadians Owe Debt in Retirement

A popular trend in news headlines is that Canadians are retiring while they still owe debt. After years of hard work, the last thing an individual should worry about is that they still owe debt. A Canadian market research firm by the name of Insights West, recently did the, Canadians on Retirement survey. The online…

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