Consumer Debt: Misrepresentation Uncovered

Consumer debt is not only a hot media trend, it is also a reality for a large number of Canadians. The stigma of consumer debt is usually associated with people who are incompetent, but, that is far from the truth. An article from Macleans covers an interview with a debt consultant. The debt consultant describes…

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Ontario’s Protection from Consumer Debt

There is no surprise that a majority of Canadians are victims to consumer debt. With a higher cost of living, fewer full-time jobs, and low interest rates, getting into debt is easier then ever. So, what can be done to protect yourself from consumer debt? The best way to approach this issue is by becoming…

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Unnecessary Spending Habits

Grocery shopping can be exhausting, both mentally, physically, and sometimes financially. The activity its self is necessary to function in today’s society. In contrast, grocery shopping has many habits that are overlooked and contribute to unnecessary spending. Some of these habits include: Buying brand name products over in-house brands The alternative in-house products usually contain…

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