Saving Money, Techniques to Get You Started

Saving money should always be a top priority with your daily routine. This does not mean you are being cheap, but rather, you are smart with spending money. In addition, saving money is easier said then done; it takes time and effort to really pull it off. This is where one of the basic concepts…

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Inflation Rate, What You Need to Know.

Canada’s annual inflation rate has a big influence over managing debt and controlling finances. Recently, the country’s inflation rate has increased gradually over the first few months of 2018. In January, the inflation rate stood at 1.7%, increasing to 2.2% in February and then 2.4% in March. The increase in Canada’s inflation rate is partially…

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Canada’s Interest Rate is Slowly Creeping

Canada’s interest rate can have a big influence over an individual’s ability to manage debt and control their finances. Within less than a year, the Bank of Canada has increased its interest rate 3 times. This is a common theme covered in our previous blogs: The Canadian Economy Powered Up, The Bank of Canada Increases…

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