The Health Effects of Bad Debt

The health effects of bad debt can significantly impact your life. When looking deeper into debt, it is defined as having an obligation to repay something in return for something received. The responsibility of having to repay something back, can impose unnecessary stress. A study conducted by Dr. John Gathergood of the University of Nottingham…

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The Fixed or Variable Rate Decision

Fixed rate mortgage or variable rate mortgage, which one is best for you? This is one decision that can weigh heavily on your finances. In addition, with the Bank of Canada continuously increasing the overnight rate, this decision will significantly impact your finances. The Bank of Canada meets every six weeks to make the decision…

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Money Problems Canadians Experience

Money problems are affecting nearly one third of all Canadians. An online survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute (ARI), revealed that approximately a quarter of Canadians struggle to make ends meet. The survey was conducted from May 28 to June 13, 2018, among a randomized sample of 2,542 adult Canadians. The population sample is…

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