Gain Financial Control and Live Debt Free: Advice from a Toronto Bankruptcy Trustee

Gain Financial Control and Live Debt Free: Advice from a Toronto Bankruptcy Trustee

Having had so much experience dealing with people with debt, we often want to hear about what it is like to not have debt.

Here are some of the things that are the most noticeable about living without debt both from our research and our experience with people like you who have finally got control of their finances.

Here are a few interesting things that become suddenly apparent:

  • Your money is yours – the money you make is no longer subject to debt payments- whatever you manage to save from each paycheque is now yours to put aside for you, and not another credit card, or to pay tax arrears.
  • You suddenly find yourself without the anxiety that comes with being in debt. The obsession with how am I going to “rob Peter to pay Paul” comes to and end and your focus is on the rest of your life. If you previously owed taxes, you should now have found a way to put aside your tax money so that the April of each year is no longer a dreaded month- and you can look forward to summer the way you used to look forward to it.
  • Your ability to socialize and interact with family and friends comes back and possibly improves given your new- found confidence having finally got your finances in order- an invitation to a wedding or even a dinner party, where both the cost and even the conversation about life in general was something you did not look forward to – and now you can.
  • Perhaps the biggest thing is you are in control again- of your own financial destiny. You have hopefully learnt enough about yourself and the danger signs that lead you to spin out of financial control, and now you feel empowered to the point that you will not let others take back the control you have regained.

If you are out of financial control, or want to hear from us about the very happy subject of living debt free (and how to get there) do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment. We have seen thousands transformed and would be happy to play a role in your transformation if we can.

Howard Landau is a licensed trustee in Toronto specializing in bankruptcy, consumer proposals, personal income tax debt and other CRA debt that individuals are faced with.